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3 Fashion Tricks to Make You Slimmer

1.Wear dark, dull fabrics! Probably the most frequently mentioned recommendation for excess fat on the abdomen is to wear there exclusively dark, matte fabrics. This does not mean that you only need black tops. What is meant is rather that in your entire outfit the strongest colors or shiny fabrics are preferably up or down More

Fashion Style

Clothes shopping is fun, and that can not only shop in ordinary fashion boutique, but also in Online is newly infected by the fashion pleasure again and again. If you do this for the current designs of the top fashion designers interest you, then you are correct in our fashion blog! Here at Fashion Style More

Summer in the office: 2 Fashion Tips for hot business days

1. Summer fabrics make even blazer, cardigan and Co. bearable Crucial for your well-being in the summer office are the fabrics that you wear. You must avoid synthetic materials and prefer natural fabrics in cotton, silk, linen, cashmere, cool wool, or mixtures thereof. While most synthetic fibers produce heat accumulation in the body and not More