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3 Fashion Tricks to Make You Slimmer

1.Wear dark, dull fabrics!

Probably the most frequently mentioned recommendation for excess fat on the abdomen is to wear there exclusively dark, matte fabrics. This does not mean that you only need black tops. What is meant is rather that in your entire outfit the strongest colors or shiny fabrics are preferably up or down the outside should wear and not just calculated on the belly. Is actually logical, right?

2.Wrap yourself in soft flowing fabrics!

Enlist in the abdominal region only substances that fall soft, slightly heavier and flowing. This move smoothly over your arches without moor there. Too thin or tight-fitting fabrics every flab emerging mercilessly. Also too stiff or extremely thick fabrics should be avoided as they apply even more. However, if you ever want to wear a lighter fabric, you should plan on including in your outfit another layer of fabric that holds everything together nicely and in shape.

3.Do not use accents in the abdominal area! Refined: This tunic to look at the ornaments is directed in the chest area, while cleverly brought ripples provide more fabric width on the belly.

Refined: This tunic to look at the ornaments is directed in the chest area, while cleverly brought ripples provide more fabric width on the belly.

Do not use eye-catching patterns, decoration and accessories, which are only in the abdominal area. Hold this region pure and simple. The only exception : access to the tactics of the optical confusion, as described in steps 4 and 5. Also on belt at the waist, you should avoid this if possible or slightly higher place, in the lower chest area or slightly lower in the hip area. Keep belt tone-on- tone with the fabric underneath. Width belt you do not need!

Fashion Style

Clothes shopping is fun, and that can not only shop in ordinary fashion boutique, but also in Online is newly infected by the fashion pleasure again and again.

If you do this for the current designs of the top fashion designers interest you, then you are correct in our fashion blog! Here at Fashion Style Blog you will find the latest, trendy Autumn Winter, Frühlings-/Sommerkollektion by Dolce & Gabbana, Yohji Yamamoto, Ed Hardy and find even more of the great designers. We have put together More than 50 different fashion labels and want to let you know about biographies of individual designers, about their professional development and their fashion.

Each designer has a different life story. A fashion designer must continually evolve to be creative and successful.
The stories of designers such as the unrealized own ideas or what they managed their creativities, they can read everything on the next page.

Many fashion designers have worked hard for it, some have right relationships or simply have had more luck.
Shopping in a fashion online store offers many advantages and you look at this again and again gladly devoted, is truly undisputed. But the buying things in the fashion business of the real world can have its charms and almost every one strolls but like once about the numerous shopping arcades his city or venture a spontaneous trip to the many neighboring regions there to discover the local fashion shops.

It is this desire in the fashion shopping now a lot easier, because with the most important information individual fashion labels you know what to buy was worth it.

Summer in the office: 2 Fashion Tips for hot business days

1. Summer fabrics make even blazer, cardigan and Co. bearable

Crucial for your well-being in the summer office are the fabrics that you wear. You must avoid synthetic materials and prefer natural fabrics in cotton, silk, linen, cashmere, cool wool, or mixtures thereof. While most synthetic fibers produce heat accumulation in the body and not to move moisture to the outside, natural materials ensure a comfortable fit – climate. Blazers, sweaters and long pants are summer -ready. The only exception is with premium viscose has a very comfortable feel. Test to see if this may be for plain t-shirts, flowing wrap dresses or casual pants falling comes into question for you. When blazers you should also make sure that the summer version is not or only partially lined.

Light-weight materials do not show through, suitable underwear, slips or camisole are necessary. Create the necessary forming or opaque ” basis “. These are silk, fine cotton, microfibre and elastane your best friends.

2. Show your job class in footwear and accessories!

Whether you like it or not – in business clothes it is also important to show to his professional status. In addition to high-quality fabrics and good cuts you can implement this mainly by selecting your accessories and your shoes. The fact that high-grade leather belts and handbags give a business dress worthy conclusion should be clear.

Especially in the summer it is worth also to replace the Fashion Jewelry by discreet genuine jewelery. Because sweat can damage fashion jewelry so that it is no longer acceptable or ugly marks leaves on skin and clothing. Stylish footwear is the third ally when it comes to status symbols for office outfits.

Buy the best quality you can afford. While Pumps are still the most popular office classics, there are for the summer here airy alternatives : See, for example, for high-quality Slingbacks or the so-called Deux Pieces to – these are pumps that have only a heel and a toe cap and between very deep, are to toe, cut out. In order to show that summery airy class that will be savored by bosses and bosses.

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